Sanna Tardell Jul 24th, 2013 People

Congratulations TSK!

If we continue talking about team spirit and how to build it, we have yet another good idea! Three guys from Transcom here in Eskilstuna have started a sports club, TSK. All employees are...

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Sanna Tardell Jul 15th, 2013 People

Bruises and laughter

So, did we find the Team Spirit? Honestly, I think we did! We had an amazing day at Boda Borg and everyone was all cheerful and excited. It was the perfect way to get to know each other b...

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Sanna Tardell Jul 11th, 2013 People

Go Team Spirit, Go!

If you have good team spirit, you will probably work as a team. To prevent backlog, queues and to deliver outstanding customer experience, everyone has to do their best at all times. Grou...

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